Driving protected, together.

Family packages

3 Scosche NEXC1 dash cams

Powered by Nexar

$270 $179.95

3 Nexar Beam GPS dash cams

$360 $269.95

3 Scosche NEXC2 dash cams

Powered by Nexar

$480 $419.95

3 Nexar Pro GPS dash cams

$420 $329.95

Nexar Features

Nexar Groups*

Stay close.
Even when miles away.

With Nexar Groups you can know when family members start driving, and when they end a drive safely. Each group member can choose what they’d like to share.

  • Available only on iOS

Emergency Contact Alerts*

Help is on the way.

Nexar automatically detects accidents and immediately alerts your assigned emergency contacts. The alert message contains your location, the dash cam video, and a quick link to dispatch 911.

  • Available only on iOS
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What people say
about Nexar

The officer watched it a few times and said ׳Well, this changes everything׳
Amy M.
Had I not had that Nexar dash cam, I’d still be going back and forth, fighting in court over whose fault it actually was
Anson S.
I didn’t know what was happening and next thing you know I look to my left and I’ve got a truck rolling to my face
David R.
If we’d not had the Nexar video that day, it was Parker’s word against a guy that no one knows where he was at
Parker P.
The video proved that it was not my fault
Lisa P.
If I didn’t have Nexar, I would’ve had to pay the thousand dollar deductible to get my truck fixed
David F.