Special offer for NYC rideshare drivers

Drive protected &
save on TLC insurance

Nexar Pro Interior and Exterior dash cams
  • Camera iconRecords automatically
  • Phone iconStreams to your phone
  • Cloud iconFree cloud backup
New York City street with carsNew York City street with cars

Nexar Rideshare ProtectHow does it work?

1. Get Nexar Pro 64GB for 50% OFF
A dual dash cam with unlimited cloud storage for critical events.
2. Drive with Nexar
  • American Transit: minimum of 100 hours/month
  • Hereford: minimum of 50 hours/month
3. Save on your TLC liability insurance
  • American Transit: 10% discount
  • Hereford: 5% discount

special: First 2 months free

Nexar Pro Dash Cam

$129 $69 + $9.99/month

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3100 47th Ave, Long Island City, NY
Mon-Sat 9am-5pm

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The Eyes

Nexar Pro dash cam

  • Crisp 1080 HD video

    Day or night, rain or shine.

  • Records inside & outside

    Evidence from the road and from inside your vehicle.

  • Super wide-angle

    Nothing drives out of sight.

  • Night vision

    The interior camera records even when it's dark.

  • Loop recording

    Captures up to 6 hours.

  • 5-minute installation

    Includes everything you need.

Nexar Pro Interior and Exterior Dash Cam next to AppRoad cameraInterior camera

The Brains

Powered by the Nexar app

  • Streams your drives to your phone

    Even when the app's closed.

  • Lets the truth do the talking

    With detailed post-collision reports.

  • Backs up to the cloud

    All incidents are saved to your free Nexar account.

  • Hey Siri, where did I park?

    Nexar shows you exactly where. Just ask Siri.

iPhone showing Nexar app interface with notifications

The 6th Sense

Powered by the Nexar network

  • The 6th Sense

    Powered by the Nexar network.

  • Detect the unexpected

    Connect to the world’s safe-driving network.

  • Zip through traffic

    Nexar knows if your lane ahead is blocked*.

  • Drive smart

    Will this traffic light ever turn green? Nexar shows you when**.

  • The only dash cams that keep getting better

    As our community grows, your driving experience gets smarter.

* Available to iOS users in NY, NJ, NV, CA, IL, and CT. More areas coming soon!

**Available to iOS users in NY and NJ. More areas coming soon!

iPhone showing notification from the Nexar app

What people say
about Nexar

The officer watched it a few times and said ׳Well, this changes everything׳
Amy M.
Had I not had that Nexar dash cam, I’d still be going back and forth, fighting in court over whose fault it actually was
Anson S.
I didn’t know what was happening and next thing you know I look to my left and I’ve got a truck rolling to my face
David R.
If we’d not had the Nexar video that day, it was Parker’s word against a guy that no one knows where he was at
Parker P.


We get asked that a lot

  • How can Nexar provide an insurance discount?

    Nexar partnered with leading insurance companies Hereford and American Transit to promote safe driving and rideshare driver protection in the NYC area. Nexar provides a 50% discount on the Nexar Pro dash cam and the insurance companies provide up to 10% off on liability insurance.

  • How do I join the program?

    You can join online on this page or visit our store at 31-00 47th Ave. Long Island City, NY. We're open Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm.

  • Who is eligible for the discount?

    To receive the insurance discount you must:

    1. Hold a Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) license.
    2. Have an individual (non-fleet) insurance policy issued by American Transit or Hereford.
    3. Drive the required minimum per month, while using the Nexar dash cam & app

  • Is Nexar compatible with my phone?

    Nexar is compatible with iPhones (7 and above) and

  • Will the app consume my phone’s battery?

    Like any other app, Nexar uses some juice from your battery, but not a lot.
    The Nexar app cleverly runs in the background, and only during an ongoing drive, so the battery consumption is minimal.

  • Will the app consume my data plan?

    The Nexar app uses WiFi to back up footage to your free Nexar cloud account.
    If there’s a dangerous event, like a crash or a hard brake, the app uses a bit of your data plan to instantly secure the footage in the cloud.

  • Is Beam compatible with an interior camera?

    Beam isn’t compatible with add-on cameras. If filming the interior of your car is important to you,
    consider choosing Nexar Pro.

  • Can I use other apps while driving with Nexar?

    Definitely! As long as you set the app’s location permissions to “Always on” it will be automatically triggered to work in the background once you start driving. That way, you can use any other apps without interference.

  • It gets extremely hot where I live, can the Nexar dash cams stand that heat?

    Yes, the Nexar dash cams were designed to handle extreme environments, from -4° to 158° F (-20° to 70° C).